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Author Topic: Beware of Fake News

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Beware of Fake News
on: October 3, 2019, 19:43

That title won't be news to anyone, but does everyone check sources properly?
take this utube video for example...

It sounds convincing until you see this...

which appears to show clear discrepancies in her story. She said she escaped with her sister and then her sister "disappeared" after she left. She also said her father was buried and then mentions his ashes. So, that does raise some doubts about her story or motivation in telling it so dramatically.

It is bound to raise some doubts when people change their story, especially about traumatic life-changing events. I will never forget how my parents died and I see no reason why I would say anything ambiguous or contradictory on the subject.

It appears that Ms Park did escape from North Korea, but I am not sure if she recounts her story accurately or consistently. (Ms Park is right to emphasise critical thinking though).

This lady seems more consistent...

Hyeonseo Lee.

France24 has some excellent reports regarding fake news...

The point is- never take anything on the Internet at face value. ALWAYS check.

Posts: 1007
Re: Beware of Fake News
on: November 20, 2019, 20:26

Seems like a helpful site...

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