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Author Topic: The ineffable vacuity of zen

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The ineffable vacuity of zen
on: December 1, 2019, 07:33

Zen gets an easy ride in my view. But when you think about it...... (please read this in a George Carlin accent)

What do they mean "drink tea from an empty cup" ??

is that the same as the christian "embrace your poverty/misery - it'll be better when yer feckin' dead" shite or what.

(Irish accent works too)

And when you are dead? what the christians get? heaven... or hell who cares, it's something at least.

Zen? they get "The ROARING SILENCE"!

Now the empty cup thing is starting to make sense.

And what about the sound of one hand clapping, you know what that is dontcha??

Na na not that ya dirty-minded heathens!

The sound of one hand clapping is your zen teacher slapping you on one side of your head and telling you loud and clear


Mod - am new here, hope mild expletives are OK

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and a-
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Re: The ineffable vacuity of zen
on: December 6, 2019, 06:21

When christards say things like: "embrace your poverty/misery - it'll be better when yer dead" is so that the christards at the bottom of the food chain don't complain when they get used and abused by the bastards at the top of the christard food chain.

I don't know much about Zen or any other religion other than christardology - which christards seem to know little about by the way - which is why I am able to challenge and metaphorically beat them to a pulp when they cross my path. Yesterday, I took 3 jovies apart in my local town centre. Those dumb asses were so stupid, it was child's play.

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