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Author Topic: PC or PCGM?

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on: December 20, 2019, 13:14

(I put this in the 'Homophobia' subject as it is an LGBTQ issue)
... She was accused at the employment tribunal of having retweeted transphobic material, including a newspaper cartoon of a person flashing two women at a London swimming pond, with the caption “It’s alright – it’s a woman’s penis”.

Court documents show that she had previously tweeted that “it is unfair and unsafe for trans women to compete in women’s sport”.

She was also accused of gendering a non-binary person, Gregor Murray. Forstater responded: “I had simply forgotten that this man demands to be referred to by the plural pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’… In reality Murray is a man … Women and children in particular should not be forced to lie or obfuscate about someone’s sex.”...

"Gendering"? Surely trans people aren't looking for pity or sympathy but respect. One of the difficulties they face is that sometimes, some trans individuals may find themselves in a situation where an observer sees them as a gender other than the gender they see themselves. That is freedom of speech, not 'gendering' someone. It is an observation and an opinion, not an action and certainly not an injury to someone.

There is an important difference between being PC, (e.g. calling people gay as they prefer, as opposed to 'homo') and PCGM (political correctness gone mad) where an honest opinion is uncompromisingly interpreted as some kind of attack or intentional offence. People should practice empathetic listening and freedom of expression, not political correctness (gone mad).

Based on a couple of newspaper reports, it seems to me more a case of PCMG than of PC. Ms Forstater isn't claiming that people don't have the right to change gender or self-identify as a different gender to that assigned at birth.

What if someone who changes gender has male hormone levels higher than are usual for women? Mightn't that prove unfair in sports? I can only hope the courts got this one right.

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