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Author Topic: Dont think, pray!

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Dont think, pray!
on: April 5, 2020, 11:40

From The Economist last week (behind paywall)...
Senegal was slow to stop pilgrims from travelling to the holy city of Touba, despite an outbreak (of Covid-19). A Christian gathering in S Africa has been linked to another outbreak. Thousands still attend megachurches in Nigeria. Although many pastors and imams are spreading the gospel of handwashing, others are talking nonsense. Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia have promoted quack "cures" involving garlic, lemon and ginger. Prices of these foodstuffs have risen by more than 200% and fights about them have occurred in markets. [Many governments and leaders have been swift to ban religious meetings or put them online] but this is not the case in Tanzania (in east Africa) where President Magufuli has refulsed to close churches saying, "That is where there is true healing. Corona (Covid-19) is the devil and it cannot survive in the body of Jesus".

According to this NY Times article...

"SEOUL, South Korea — The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea neared 7,400 on Monday morning. As many of them have been traced back to the mysterious Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the organization has become a lightning rod for the public’s wrath and a ready outlet for longstanding prejudice."
However, it doesn't seem to be prejudice that is the principle problem. Even this article doesn't pretend that the cult didn't continue services after the problem was made clear to them. They have apparently since appologised.
It is typical that religionists see "prejudice" rather than the valid criticisms.

This article...
is one of a number that talk of Christian churches continuing to hold services in the USA and telling people that Covid-19 is a hoax or can be defeated by supernatural means or religious faith.

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