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Author Topic: Being pious is not a virtue

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Being pious is not a virtue
on: September 20, 2020, 12:54

Language has been used by religionists to normalise or spread their teachings. Or maybe to obscure what they are really doing. For example, "circumcision" when done for religious reasons is child genital mutilation. (At least one SNP minister denies this). Theology is just mythology. 'Confirmation' instead of initiation; Christian name instead of first name; and 'religious beliefs' instead of superstitions; 'converting to' instead of joining.. and many other examples. The The effect is obfuscation, (deliberate or not) not clarity.

However, I hadn't noticed that the word superstitious can also replace the word pious. The idea of using 'pious' is to get the believer to associate holding particular superstitions with being good. And perhaps getting them to associate praying and other religious behaviour as healthy and normal. All this helps to obscure the fact that the behaviour or demeanour is motivated by mere superstition.

If you examine religious terms like those I've mentioned, I think you'll agree there is a whole lexicon that is essentially invented to help normalise the absurd - and on many people, it works!

The 'Genetically Modified Skeptic' (Youtube) uses the term 'converted' (or de-converted) apparently quite unconscious of the question 'converted what?' Their mind?

And many atheists are happy calling themselves atheist. It is not a term I would use to describe myself, but I accept it here because so many non-believers like it. I think it is unhelpful.

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