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Author Topic: . It was Jehovahs

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. It was Jehovahs
on: November 14, 2020, 22:45

I was woken from a nice afternoon snooze the other day. It was Jehovahs. A mid-aged lady introduced her self with her mother. Mother was old and unsteady, too old I thought to be god bothering decent folk trying have a kip. Nice tactic through, I could not possibly be unkind to this little old dear smiling glibly at me. OK, round one to you I thought. I refused the Watch Tower but decided, what the hell lets play.
My turn, "didn't Jehovah order the Israelites to slaughter a whole Canaanite settlement man, woman and child, saying "You shalt not leave alive anything that breathes. you shall utterly destroy them"? "oh ! she said, the old testament" as if I had strayed unfairly off-topic. "Yes, he's not a very nice character, is he? "I don't understand it really, how do you people reconcile the rather unpleasant god of old with the gentle, cute and cuddle loving Jesus God "They come across as completely different personalities don't they ?". She looked somewhat defeated and shortly moved off to look either for easier quarry or failing that to righteously suffer with her mum for Jesus,s sake by being told to sod off. I guess you are never too old to play the role of suffering servant.
I've since learnt that I was in good company as Richard Dawkins himself is fond of using the very same biblical reference to highlight what a vile abhorrent god Christians actually worship. Well, we have one answer to tactics. Just quote scripter to them. Their sticky wicket is their own foundational literature. It basically stinks.

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