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Author Topic: It is not herding cats. It is incompetence

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It is not herding cats. It is incompetence
on: August 6, 2016, 16:18

Understandably there are many disparate groups of non-believers. Why are they so uncoordinated in their communication and activism?

My starting this thread was prompted by a comment Coffee made here on 5th August (18:23)....
which mentioned the Think Humanism Forum.

I've joined Think Humanism and thanks for your interesting links, coffee.

Your post raises a very interesting point about how various groups of UK non-believers are scattered over all kinds of forums and websites. AtheismUK and Think Humanism (for instance) share obvious common ground.

There are basically seven categories of non-believers: humanist, freethinker, sceptics and Brights are four that are non-religious. Secular and atheist only exist because of religion. There are also a number of ex-religious groups. Each one of those seven themes have their own forums and some groups have more than one for the UK alone. I frequently read items on one forum that should be shared between them all simultaneously. There is much duplication of effort, confusion and wasted time. Hopefully this post will attract comment and perhaps the ‘powers that be’ over these websites and forums will give this some thought.

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Re: It is not herding cats. It is incompetence
on: July 25, 2018, 23:32

I won't rehash the herding cats thing as I'd think most understand it. I can see the need for different groups with different interests, priorities and skills. They are also going to want their own editorial. What is lacking is adequate networking and liaison, electronic and realworld, even within organisations and certainly between them.

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