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Author Topic: Celebrity

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on: September 18, 2014, 20:53

OK, Ricky Gervais gave it a good old go, but his star is waning now.... Stephen Fry (or should it be Saint Ephen of Fry?) still occasionally crosses the boundary but doesn't appear to be able to shake off the shackles of his jewish roots, Jimmy Carr has a go now and again...

Which TV celebrities would/should now be "stepping up to the plate", so to speak, to speak out on behalf of atheism or against religion?

Who can or should replace George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Christopher Hitchens et al, who do you think or expect to come to the fore? It seems to me we are lacking some more mainstream LOUD voices with a bit of pull nowadays... or am I wrong?

(Sam Harris excluded - brilliant as he is, he doesn't seem to have crossed the Atlantic)

Hoping for some interesting and humurous answers

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Re: Celebrity
on: September 18, 2014, 22:02

There are plenty...

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Re: Celebrity
on: November 28, 2019, 17:03

Well............ given that you can't reason and logic a religin out of his blind faith . Hell no you can't even discuss it.
Then it follows that comedy is the only way. make them laugh at them selves.
It's the duty of us all to lift, by means of levity, the gravely serious religins out of the myre of delusion.

A multitude of small voices everyday will prove very effective.

Three Legs-
and a-
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Re: Celebrity
on: December 6, 2019, 06:37

Christardology, even in the USA, is slowly dying.

In my view, it may be best ignored with possibly a few exceptions:

1. Faith schools - New ones prevented from being opened using any legal means whatsoever. Once children are indoctrinated by their evil shit, generally, they are lost forever.

2. If christards try and peddle their evil shit in a public domain, then they should be challenged to the maximum extent that the law will allow so that they go back to the sewers that they crawled out of.

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Re: Celebrity
on: December 6, 2019, 12:13

Yes, and 3. Child genital mutilation, especially when carried out on the NHS. That isn't just tolerance, it is complicity.
4. When they discriminate against non-believers or people of other religions, such as through blasphemy laws.
5. Unelected bishops in the upper house and other undemocratic clerical privilege such as clerical places on education committees.
6. Science rejection, e.g. creationism and undermining critical thinking with concepts such as 'keeping the [religious] faith'.

If only religionists wouldn't harm the children so much, at least. Many religionists do so much good through voluntary work and acts of charity that people don't see the harm they do. The fact is that there is no such thing as harmless superstitions, whether cloaked in religion and good deeds or not. The segregation and tribalism needs to stop too, e.g. Catholic/Protestant and Shia/Sunni. Like the rest of religion, 'blasphemy' isn't a real thing.

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