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Active Atheism (h/t Chris Beach 12/15)

Atheist Ireland

Atheist Humanist Secular (AHS) University Student Societies 

AronRa – Ace of Clades

Atheist Alliance International

Matt Dillahunty of Atheist Experience | Patreon | Iron Chariots

Atheists for Human Rights

 Atheistisch Verbond (The Netherlands)


Digital Cuttlefish

Freethought History Research Group

God would be an Atheist

Greta Christina

Internet Infidels (Secular Web)

Jesus & Mo – Religious satire

London Atheist Activist Group (LAAG) & Ministry of Reason (MoR)

London Atheists Meetup Group 

London Ex-Muslims Meetup Group

 London Feminist Freethinkers

Maryam Namazie


 NOTORI (No to religious indoctrination)

Pat Condell

Recovering from Religion (London)

Russian Atheists

The Freethinker

The Religious Antagonist

The Thinking Atheist – Seth Andrews

United Nations Human Rights

Wikipedia | Atheism Portal | Atheism | Categories | WikiProject


Humanists UK 

Dorset Humanists

East Kent Humanists

Humanist Perspectives

Humanist Society of Scotland

Lancashire Secular Humanists

New Humanist magazine

Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) UK gay humanist charity 

Think Humanism forum

North London Humanists

West London Humanists


Bad Science & Bad Pharma

Centre for Inquiry (London) – Stephen Law

Pharyngula – PZ Myers

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason

Sense about Science – science & evidence in the hands of the public


Freedom from Religion Foundation

National Secular Society

South Place Ethical Society


Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB)

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