Female Activists

The main purpose of this page is to highlight some key female activists and hopefully encourage more women to get involved in the atheist movement.

There are many atheist activists, past and present, who have helped further the causes of atheism or non-belief. Some are more well known than others.

It is no secret that the present atheist movement seems to have a predominance of male activists, or ‘celebrity atheists’ such as, Dan Barker; Richard Dawkins; Daniel Dennett; Christopher Hitchens; PZ Myers; Darrel Ray and many others. Most atheists will be familiar with all these names and more, but probably not so familiar with the many prominent female atheist activists who don’t seem to get as much mainsteam publicity.

Below is a selection of such activists (surnames in alphabetical order) with links to more information.

Mina Ahadi || International Committee Against Stoning

Ayaan Hirsi Ali || The AHA Foundation

Ivana Bacik || Video

Ophelia Benson || Butterflies and Wheels

Annie Laurie Gaylor || Freedom From Religion Foundation

Margaret Kennedy Knight

Irshad Manji || Web site

Maryam Namazie || Web site || Video

Taslima Nasrin || Web site

Christina Rad || YouTube channel

Tanya Smith || Video

Barbara Smoker || Web site

Wafa Sultan || Video

Anne Marie Waters || Video

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