Matt Dillahunty

Matt Dillahunty (wikipedia) is an atheist activist who hosts the TV channel ‘The Atheist Experience’.

He was the founder and authors ‘Iron Chariots‘. This wiki provides information on apologetics and counter-apologetics for atheists, theists, apologists and anyone with a philosophical bent.

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I have enjoyed watching many of Matt’s The Atheist Experience TV shows and would encourage Atheism UK to launch something similar to counter the growing number of US religious stations now being transmitted in the UK since the launch of digital TV.

If AtheismUK cannot afford such a venture, even after collaborating with other atheist organisations, and sounding out TAE for advice, they should at least consider a cheaper but regular online outlet, perhaps an online radio station. Talking to ourselves has limited value. Interaction with the religious is what we need. It is a combination of Matt’s loopy callers and his clear thinking but short fuse that makes it such a delight to watch.

Yes – I have thought such a thing would be a great idea for ages – and I find that there are others with the same thoughts as me! It seems that great (atheist) minds think alike! Perhaps we could have Stephen Woodford and Alex O’ Connor as hosts on the first (inaugural) show? And other hosts could include Rachel Oats or possibly Peter/Ethel Thursdon or maybe even get a guest host from the Us occassionally? Looking forward to the creation of The Atheist Experience UK !!!

I am a bit confused as I didn’t write the comment above. Even though I agree with it. I didn’t even sign up to this org, even though I would have and am happy to continue with it. I have changed my password as I am not sure that I have been hacked.

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