Asylum for Atheists

Regrettably Atheism UK do not have the resources to provide individually personalised assistance for refugee or asylum seekers. Atheism UK is affiliated to Atheist Alliance International (AAI) – their Asylum Project is now up and running. Other organisations may also help:-

Seeking Asylum / Refugee status / Detention Centres

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Atheist Asylum Project (AAI – Atheism UK affiliates to AAI)

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain & UK Apostasy & Asylum & Forum & Apostasy is a right (CEMB)

Organisations helping Refugees: Refugee Action (Refugee Action)

Citizens Adviceimmigration and asylum policy publications (Citizens Advice)

Refugee Council – Advice for people recently granted refugee status – seeking Asylum? (Refugee Council)

Refugee & Asylum Seekers | Escaping Clutches of Religion (

European Database of Asylum Law (EDAL)

Government Support for Religion (Atheist Alliance International)

Recovering From Religion (RFR London)

Asylum Lawyer – Ana Gonzalez (Wilson Solicitors LLP) (

Dawning Enlightenment (leaving religion blog)

AsylumHelpUK – advice for asylum seekers

Definitions / facts (refugee welcome trust)

Amnesty International – Refugees & Migrants (Amnesty)

UN Refugee Agency | Convention of Status of Refugees 1951 |Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief | Declaration of Human Rights (UNHCR)

African Commission on Human & Peoples Rights (ACHPR)

Asylum in UK – from within UK

Legal advice & Claiming Asylum: Law Society – Help | Asylum Aid | | OISC | JCWI | IFA | Immigration Lawyers | Migration Lawyers

Detention Action: Practical support for people in immigration detention centres (Harmondsworth / Colnbrook / Verne); campaigns for detention reform

Detention Action: Legal action against Detained Fast Track (DFT) Asylum – 2nd July 2015 DFT suspended

Detention Action: What DFT suspension means on the ground & Podcast (13th July 2015)

Making an Asylum Application in UK – Letter of Support (CEMB)

Right to Remain – advice about the right to remain in UK

Asylum in UK – from outside UK

Claim Asylum in the UK  & Info leaflet for asylum applications (

Asylum in USA

Asylum in USA / Canada – Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Atheist Asylum Project

Human Rights First

Freedom of Thought & Expression

Freedom of Thought & Expression, Oxford,  2014 & Report (IHEU)

New Humanist

Atheism UK Freedom of Thought page (Atheism UK)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1951 (


Afghan Atheist gets Asylum | BBC | New Humanist (successful UK asylum case)


Atheists, Agnostics Alliance Pakistan & Facebook Group (AAAP)

European Database of Asylum Law & Pakistan Cases (EDAL)

Amnesty International – Pakistan (Amnesty)

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