Atheist Alliance Int.

aai-logo-167x50Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is a global federation of atheist and freethought groups and individuals, committed to educating its members and the public about atheism, secularism and related issues.

In 2010, Atheism UK became the first Affiliate of AAI. A member of Atheism UK Council is also a Director of AAI. AAI reports on Atheist activity worldwide including Western Europe and produces a quarterly magazine ‘Secular World’.

Atheist Alliance International’s Vision statement is a secular world where public policy, scientific inquiry and education are not influenced by religious beliefs, but based upon sound reasoning, rationality and evidence.

Atheist Alliance International’s Mission statement is to challenge and confront religious faith, to strengthen global atheism by promoting the growth and interaction of atheist/freethought organisations around the world and to undertake international educational and advocacy projects.

AAI has Position Statements on Freedom of Expression and Government Support of Religion; Dublin & Copenhagen DeclarationsBylaws.


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