New Year Greetings & Census 2021

John Richards (Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Publications Director and Vice President of Atheism UK) asked Chris Street, (President, Atheism UK) to record a New Year’s Eve greeting for the AAI 4 hour evening programme:

Hi, My name is Chris Street. Wearing my President of Atheism UK hat, my New Year greeting is addressed to atheists and all non-religious in the United Kingdom. I want to talk about the National Census in just 3 months time.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 21st March 2021, is Census Day. The last national census ten years ago in 2011 reported that a quarter of the English & Welsh did not have a religion. My message is that if you are atheist, agnostic, humanist or non-religious – when you are asked ‘what religion are you’, don’t just tick Christian out of national pride or whatever. Instead, please tick the ‘no religion’ census box.

This is Chris Street for Atheism UK: Challenge Religious Faith; Trust in Science; Stay Healthy and get the COVID-19 Vaccine soon.”