How many times have you been bothered on your own doorstep by unsolicited visits from the likes of Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons, etc? How often have you been accosted in the street by the zealots of various religious denominations, all of them eager to thrust propaganda leaflets into your hand?

Well here is our response. Atheism UK’s series of Atheology texts is a resource for anyone who wants to know the key facts that can be used to refute the false claims of religions.

The trifold pdf leaflet can be printed, the plain text pdf is if you just want to read the content.

Creationism is wrongtrifold leaflet || plain text

Evolution is truetrifold leaflet || plain text

Faith: the invalid argumenttrifold leaflet || plain text

God does not existtrifold leaflet || plain text

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Who?trifold leaflet || plain text

Mormonism is not truetrifold leaflet || plain text

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