Secular Therapy Project

Atheism UK  would like to raise awareness of the ‘Secular Therapy Project‘, which was created, to connect non-believers who need mental health care with professionals who are either non-believers themselves or are committed to providing secular, evidence-based care. It was created to do it as confidentially as possible.

The Secular Therapy Project (STP) is a platform that allows people seeking mental health services to search for secular therapists, who are non-theists who use research supported, evidence-based, state-of-the-art therapeutic methods that do not involve supernatural or religious elements.

The STP was founded in 2012 by Atheism UK distinguished supporter, Dr. Darrel Ray as part of the larger organization ‘Recovering from Religion’. It came about due to Dr. Ray repeatedly hearing, in his work with the secular community, stories from people who consulted a mental health professional only to find out after several sessions that the professional was spiritual, religious, or had new age ideas that they were pushing onto their client.

Although started in the USA, there there is a small number of therapists from the UK who have registered and the STP is encouraging more professionals to do so.

The STP website allows individuals to register as therapists or as clients seeking secular, mental health clinicians. The website’s FAQ section contains more detailed infomation about the aims and purpose of the STP.