Unnatural law

The Pope has attacked UK equality legislation as running contrary to “natural law” and restricting religious freedom. The Pontiff said the effects of some legislation designed to give equality of opportunity had been to impose “unjust limitations” on the freedom of religious communities to act “in accordance with their beliefs”.

Putting UK equality law remarks aside, the Pope has again coined one of the classic oxymorons – “religious freedom”. There is no religious freedom – believers must do as God says (conveniently interpreted for them by church elders who know better) or go to Hell for eternity.

The “natural law”, to which he appeals, is nothing but the ramblings and intellectual contortions of a thirteenth century charlatan, which bear no relation to modern knowledge or reason. It is derived from the false premise, “God exists”.

The claim that “unjust limitations” are being imposed on the freedom of religious communities is sheer bigotry in the face of how the Vatican treats women and homosexuals, for instance.

The Pope’s remarks were made in an address in which he gave the first official confirmation that he will make his first visit to Britain later this year, probably in September. Protests by several organizations and groups are already being planned.

Intelligence Squared – Is The RC Church a Force For Good?

Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world?

A new debate, presented from London by Zeinab Badawi

It stands up for the oppressed and offers spiritual succour to billions say the Church’s supporters. But what about the Church’s teachings on condoms, gay sex and women priests, ask the detractors.

Speaking for the motion, Archbishop John Onaiyekan and Anne Widdecombe MP. Speaking against the motion, Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry.


lt_zippy2’s opinion: This wasn’t a debate it was a massacre! Despite the heavy editing it was very clear from the beginning who had the upper hand. The list of atrocities committed by the RC Church in the past and even today were well expounded by Messers Hitchens and Fry, and the response from Anne Widdecombe was to complain “Why do they keep bringing up the arguments about condoms, homosexuality and child abuse?” The answer to this is simple (and was made by Fry before she repeated the point) It is because it is the main reason that they were debating, whay did she expect, “Oh yest it does proide charity and comfort, I suppose we conceed this debate and leave with our tail between out legs?”…and this point was not lost on the audience…I won’t spoil the result but it is a classic!

Plus it was great to see Stephen Fry, a newcomer to this sort of debate, really pressing the point home with personal vigour. We at Atheism, I’m sure, look forward to seeing even more from him!