The slow, whiny death of British Christianity

An excellent article from Johann Hari, the full article can be found here at

And now congregation, put your hands together and give thanks, for I come bearing Good News. Britain is now the most irreligious country on earth. This island has shed superstition faster and more completely than anywhere else. Some 63 percent of us are non-believers, according to an ICM study, while 82 percent say religion is a cause of harmful division. Now, let us stand and sing our new national hymn: Jerusalem was dismantled here/ in England’s green and pleasant land.

How did it happen? For centuries, religion was insulated from criticism in Britain. First its opponents were burned, then jailed, then shunned. But once there was a free marketplace of ideas, once people could finally hear both the religious arguments and the rationalist criticisms of them, the religious lost the British people. Their case was too weak, their opposition to divorce and abortion and gay people too cruel, their evidence for their claims non-existent. Once they had to rely on persuasion rather than intimidation, the story of British Christianity came to an end.”


lt_zippy2’s opinion:

This is a great article which we atheists should take as good news and as a warning. The religious will not take this lying down, if anything this may re-invigorate them to go and press harder for their views to be given extra airtime to try and bump up the numbers by converting people. We must not let this happen.

We must also not be complacent, remember this is just the result of one poll, and to quote the politicians there is only one poll that matters and that will be the National Census in 2011, so we at Atheism are encouraging our members and wider society to pass on the message “Don’t Believe It – Don’t Tick It!”. See our page in the campaigns section for more details.

Pope Condoms

It is gratifying to see that officials at the Foreign Office have a sense of humour, even if those at the top felt the need to apologise to the Vatican. In a memo from a planning meeting for the impending Papal visit to the UK junior officials suggested that the Pope could, among other things, bless a gay marriage, sack dodgy bishops and sing a song with the Queen for charity.

The BBC religious affairs correspondent, Robert Pigott, is concerned that the Pope might be regarded as a ‘figure of fun’. Well, when you have a bloke in a frock, who has never had sex with a woman and who lives with a load of other blokes in frocks, who all crave the love of another bloke, telling the rest of the world that homosexuality is against ‘natural law’, methinks that any concern is a tad behind the times.

Strangely, Pigott also says that the government needs the Vatican’s help in a global diplomatic effort to curb climate change and fight poverty. When the Pope’s main concern is about salvation in the next, presumably global warming-free, world it is difficult to see why the state of this world would be of much concern to him. As for poverty probably the best thing the Pope could do is to advise his congregation to stop depending upon a fantasy to solve their problems and promote self-reliance.

The best idea from brainstorming session was to suggest the Pope launch a brand of condoms called “Benedict”; or perhaps that should be “Benedick”!

Christianity Has No Morality

Excerpt from “The Atheist Experience No.630”

An excellent counter to the argument of “Not having anyone to answer to” by hosts Martin Wagner and Matt Dillahunty of “The Atheist Experience”.

In short we ARE accountable, not to an almight divine sky daddy, but to each other, our friends, family and wider society (through the law).

Martin and Matt also deconstruct that fact that Christianity has a morality of its own. It is simply obedience to an unquestioning authority.

(by the way, they are still having technical difficulties in the studio which explains the sound issues)