Gay Clergy Would Blow the Church of Scotland Apart!

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According to one self righteous homophobe…sorry preist, allowing gay clergy to be ordained into the Chruch of Scotland would blow the church apart like a hand grenade (…no not the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch..three shall thou count!).

I am actually torn on this, I believe passionately in equality, so should gays be ordained. Then again I don’t want any clergy to exist gay or straight!

Would gay clergy blow the church apart? Let’s do it and find out….

…and if it does, good!

Muslim Gang Attack Teacher

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A gang of Muslims slashed a teacher’s face with a stanley knife and hit him with concrete and an iron bar are facing jail sentences. What was the teacher’s crime? Why did they attack and seriously assault him?

He was a RE teacher in a girls’ school who was simply doing his job!

Another example to be filed under “What’s the harm?”

The CofE Are At It As Well…

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It’s not just the Catholics!

The gentle and respectful (sic) Church of England have also been found to have mishandled the cases of two paedophile priests in Suffolk!

But I suppose that unlike the Evil Empire they are willing to admit it! Oh well so much for moral authority…which they never had to start with!

Does Religion Have A Place In Medicine?

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Does Religion Have a Place in Medicine?

….erm no!

Believers Perplexed as World Fails to End

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Followers of Harold Camping are perplexed that the world failed to end yesterday Read more

Large Brains Evolved Because of Smells

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An interesting article on the BBC Nature site.

Some evidence has been revealed that the larger mammalian brain evolved as a result of the development of the sense of smell.

… yet more evidence for evolution and the eventual development of our own brains!

Atheists Have Better Sex Lives

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I can’t believe that this has been published in the Daily Mail, however the long awaited report on Sex and Secularism by distinguished supporter of AtheismUK has now been published, with a lot of expected confirmations of what may of us in the atheist and secualrist community thought.

Please enjoy (and note the comment on the article, well it made me laugh)!

Heaven is a “Fairy Story”

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World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has confirmed that which we all knew, Heaven is a “fairy story”, for those who are afraid of the dark!

I could have told you that and I don’t even have a PhD!

…but I always said that chap was intelligent!

Pot Calls Kettle…

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Apparently the leader of a Baptist Church is calling on big multi-nationals to stop avoiding paying tax!

OK, you first!

…and if we did tax the churches, how much income would the nation get to spend on “hospitals and education”?

Humans Evolved From Fish

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One of my favourite comebacks that I read on a blog recently was when an atheistic scientist was talking to a creationist and the creationist stated “I don’t come from no monkey (sic)!” the scientist said, “Actually I’m going further back and showing you that you are descended from a fish!”

…and then I found this on the BBC Health News site!

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