The Spell of Faith and Politics

The Magical Spell of Faith

God’s SatNav for Britain

By Willem Sander van Boxtel

The first time I set eyes upon the glorious House of Lords chamber, in the  summer of 2013, I was an ignorant tourist in the UK. With blissful awe I gazed on the golden decorations, the wooden benches, the leather seats, the red armrests. The red armrests which only seemed to be added to one bench. But the question why did not race through my fifteen-year old mind. Only much, much later did I find out the Bishops were granted those seats. The Bishops? Yes, the Bishops.


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And so the Church of England Collapse Continues…

I know I only posted yesterday about the ongoing war over homosexuality that is taking place in the Church of England which has revealed a deep split over the issue (although I think we all knew it was there).

Well, the ongoing collapse continues with two more stories (both taken from the BBC website):


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Is the CofE About to Tear Itself Apart?

In a week when the first Church of England Bishop came out as gay and in a relationship (and yet stating that he is obeying the rules and staying celebate… we believe him don’t we?), another CofE vicar in Tunbridge Wells is threatening to form a new group to orchestrate a formal split from the church on the issue of “watering down the church’s teachings on homosexuality. Oh, and he has gone on to state that old, hateful and now thoroughly debunked canard that Gay Pride encourages child abuse.


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Let’s Pull The Plug

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Story from the Telegraph A new report by the Church of England states that it is in danger of being "wiped out" and that the Church is currently "on life…

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The CofE Are At It As Well…

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It's not just the Catholics! The gentle and respectful (sic) Church of England have also been found to have mishandled the cases of two paedophile priests in Suffolk! But I…

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