Is the CofE About to Tear Itself Apart?

In a week when the first Church of England Bishop came out as gay and in a relationship (and yet stating that he is obeying the rules and staying celebate… we believe him don’t we?), another CofE vicar in Tunbridge Wells is threatening to form a new group to orchestrate a formal split from the church on the issue of “watering down the church’s teachings on homosexuality. Oh, and he has gone on to state that old, hateful and now thoroughly debunked canard that Gay Pride encourages child abuse.

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Floods and Storms are “Divine Retribution” for Gay Marriage!

An elected official has stated that recent storms and floods are “Divine Retribution” for Gay Marriage!

This is not some American Deep South Congressman, this is a local councillor from…Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire!

Cllr David Silvester (UKIP) said the Prime Minister had acted “arrogantly against the Gospel”.

The local MP John Howell (Con) summed it up well:

“I thought Mr Silvester’s letter was not the sort of thing that he should have written in today’s age.

“He really needs to consider his position.”


The Irrelevant Lord Carey – At It Again!

Former ABofC Lord Carey is banging on again about the upcoming legalisation of Marriage Equality.

He is stating that the law that would legalise same sex marriage would “set a dangerous precident” and would have “uninteded consequences”.

He states it could lead to polygamy. Two points here, 1. No it won’t! In fact the recent attempt to legalise Humanist Marriage by amending this Bill was dropped (in minor part) becuase it was not about Gay Marriage. All this will do is legalise same sex marriage it will not lead to anything else. 2. Who cares? Moreover who cares what consenting adults do so long as there is true informed consent?

He is also complaining that this redefines marriage. OK so what’s wrong with that? The human race (and even followers of Christianity) has been redefining marriage since it came up with the idea – just ask any anthropologist!

Carey has run out of legitimate reasons for opposing Marriage Equality, if in fact were there any legitimate arguments against it in the first place; I have yet to hear one! This is yet another case of an irrelevant out of touch religious figure with bigoted anti-gay views (yes I WILL call them bigoted) resorting to untrue and logically fallacious arguments. Let’s get on with it and pass this legslation already!


Cardinal Just Doesn’t Get It!

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic has called for the Scottish Government to hold a referendum on the legalisation of Gay Marriage (or as I call it, on Marriage Equality).

His reasoning (such as it is) is that more people responded to the consultation on Marriage Equality than did on Scottish Independence and there is going to be a referendum on that!

But he is comparing apples with oranges here. Scottish Independence is a political issue which affects everyone and has major constitutional, domestic and international implications. Putting this to a public vote in a referendum is a resonable approach regardless of which side of the issue you fall. Marriage Equality is about fundamental human rights which actually should be automatic and not subject to a popular vote. The fact that public opinion, and the opinion of the polititians is very much in favour of this North of the Border and the RC Church’s bigoted homophobia in wanting to deny people these rights is being rejected just goes to show that the poor old cardinal just doesn’t get it!