Shock Research: Most UK Atheists Believe in the Supernatural!

Belief in the supernatural is still alive and kicking, even among UK atheists who don’t believe in a god.  A Research report (ref. 1) has revealed that only a third of UK atheists claim to completely reject supernatural beliefs such as life after death, astrology, and the existence of a universal life-force.

Understanding Unbelief is a £2.3 million funded project by UK university sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists.
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Special Event AronRa in London

In association with our friends at the London Atheist  Activist Group (LAAG), Atheism UK is proud to announce that Texas State Director of American Atheists, host of the Ra-Men Podcast and one third of the “Unholy Trinity”, AronRa will be coming to speak on “Religious Culture and AA’s Activism”.

Thursday 30th April 2015 at 7.30pm-10.30pm

The Prince of Wales Pub, Drury Lane.

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