Evolutionary Puzzle Solved

An unknown matter within evolutionary biology (one of the "gaps" if you will), the question of why insects that are poor mimics of more dangerous creatures still avoid getting eaten…

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Why Is There Only One Human Species?

Not so very long ago, we shared this planet with several other species of human, all of them clever, resourceful and excellent hunters, so why did only Homo sapiens survive?…

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Large Brains Evolved Because of Smells

An interesting article on the BBC Nature site. Some evidence has been revealed that the larger mammalian brain evolved as a result of the development of the sense of smell. ... yet…

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Heaven is a “Fairy Story”

World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has confirmed that which we all knew, Heaven is a "fairy story", for those who are afraid of the dark! I could have told you that and…

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Humans Evolved From Fish

One of my favourite comebacks that I read on a blog recently was when an atheistic scientist was talking to a creationist and the creationist stated "I don't come from…

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Pope Tries Science – Fail!

The Pope has tried his hand at evolutionary biology and failed miserably! According to him Humanity is not a product of evolution...which is random... Firstly we ARE undoubtedly the product…

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A New Fifth Element…?

Is the daffodil's trumpet a newly evolved flower part? More clues and evidence for evolution, but far more pretty! From BBC Science.

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