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Islam: A Far-Right Fascist Ideology

Islam: A Far-Right Fascist Ideology : by Daria Davani Previously by Daria Davani: The Case for Banning Religious Practice in Public Spaces What’s it

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Editorial Note

by Steven Carrigan I apologise that there has been a hiatus in the publication of posts on the site due to my being ill for

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The Kettell Project

by Steven Kettell [ED: I encourage everyone to take Dr Kettell’s survey. It is quite fun and does not take more than ten minutes

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Who Are Atheism UK And What Do We Stand For?

Atheism UK is Britain’s only distinctively atheist organization, run by atheists, for atheists. Atheism UK’s main goal is the ‘normalization’ of atheism. We focus on the advancement of atheism, and challenging the false and irrational beliefs of religious faith.

Everyone is born into this world without any religious beliefs until they are indoctrinated by parents, guardians, or the societies in which they live.

Have You Left Your Religion?

Atheism UK receive enquiries from atheists who wish to seek refugee / asylum whilst living in the UK. Regrettably, sometimes these people are called apostates, guilty of apostasy.

We also welcome contact with atheists who have problems having left their religion.

Atheism UK has compiled a list of organisations and information that may be helpful to people who have left religion:

ATHEISTS... Who Are They?

[The Concept Of Atheism]

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