AtheismUK has three forums on Facebook for atheists to chat together and have discussions with theistsWe also have a Twitter feed and an Instagram page.

Who we are

AtheismUK was formed in 2009 to challenge religious faith in the United Kingdom. Our ultimate goals are the end of religious faith – the false and irrational belief that God or gods exist – and of religion, the social manifestation of faith.

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If you are interested in AtheismUK subscribe to our NewsletterTo support our activities please join AtheismUK (£12-£24 per year). Our paid-up members are our only source of income. Members can apply to join the AtheismUK Council which meets monthly online or in London. 

What we do

AtheismUK visits schools to discuss non-religious worldviews – atheism, secularism and humanism – and their relationship to scientific method, reason, rationality and critical thinking.

In the past decade, AtheismUK has debated theists in several UK universities:-

AtheismUK opposed the motion at Exeter University ‘This house believes that religion is a force for good’ (we lost!).
We opposed the motion at Cambridge University "This house believes that the catholic church is a force for good" (we won!).
At Bath University AtheismUK proposed the motion “This house believes that religion has become irrelevant in today’s society” (we lost!).
We debated at St. Andrews University ''Did Jesus rise from the dead?'

For people who have left religion, AtheismUK provides resources on asylum in the UK and can provide other help for atheists.

Asylum seekers by country of origin in 2009
AtheismUK affiliate to Atheist Alliance International which campaigns to end blasphemy laws and fights for atheist rights.
Atheist Alliance International has Special Consultative Status at the United Nations Human Rights Council.