Atheism UK receive enquiries from atheists who wish to seek refugee / asylum whilst living in the UK. Regrettably, sometimes these people are called apostates, guilty of apostasy.

We also welcome contact with atheists who have problems having left their religion.

Atheism UK has compiled a list of organisations and information that may be helpful to people who have left religion:


Atheism UK (AUK) | Atheist Alliance International (AAI) | British Humanist Association (BHA) | Council of Ex-Muslims (CEMB) | DetentionAction: immigration detention centres support | Faith to Faithless | ICORN – for writers and artists move to another city| International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) | Leaving Your Religion | London Atheist Activist Group| National Secular Society (NSS) | Rationalist Association (RA) |  Recovering From Religion (RR) – St. Andrews, Bristol, London, AUK post


The Apostates: When Muslims Leave Islam – Mar 2015 by Simon Cottee

UK Muslims who wish to convert to Atheism – The Guardian (May 2015)

Richard Carrier | Bart Ehrman – ex. Christians

Apostasy ProjectAlom Shaha – Fund Raising  – Taliban threats (RA)

Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK (BBC)

The world’s most dangerous places to be atheist (RA)

World of Blasphemy: Greece | Indonesia Malaysia| Maldives Malta Poland | Turkey | Russia (RA)

UK Apostasy & Asylum & Forum & Apostasy is a right (CEMB)

Atheists, Agnostics Alliance Pakistan & Facebook Group (AAAP)

Freedom of Thought & Expression, Oxford,  2014 & Report (IHEU)

Government Support for Religion (AAI)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1951 (UN)

Dawning Enlightenment (leaving religion blog)

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