Proud Supporter of “Protest the Pope”

Your organization, Atheism, listed on their website as Atheism UK, is now a proud supporter of the Protest the Pope campaign.

We do not wish to see a man who calls himself “God’s Vicar on Earth” and is thereby purely deluded, coming to this country and spreading his poisonous and demonstrable false doctrine to the people of this country, not to mention that he is implicated in the cover up of child rape and that he is making British taxpayers pay for the privilege in these financially troubled times.

If you have not already done so please click the above link and show your support.

Oh and as an aside the Government is asking us ways to save public money…click on the link below and tell them not to pay a single penny towards the Pope’s visit.

Go on, you know you want to!

Pope Condoms

It is gratifying to see that officials at the Foreign Office have a sense of humour, even if those at the top felt the need to apologise to the Vatican. In a memo from a planning meeting for the impending Papal visit to the UK junior officials suggested that the Pope could, among other things, bless a gay marriage, sack dodgy bishops and sing a song with the Queen for charity.

The BBC religious affairs correspondent, Robert Pigott, is concerned that the Pope might be regarded as a ‘figure of fun’. Well, when you have a bloke in a frock, who has never had sex with a woman and who lives with a load of other blokes in frocks, who all crave the love of another bloke, telling the rest of the world that homosexuality is against ‘natural law’, methinks that any concern is a tad behind the times.

Strangely, Pigott also says that the government needs the Vatican’s help in a global diplomatic effort to curb climate change and fight poverty. When the Pope’s main concern is about salvation in the next, presumably global warming-free, world it is difficult to see why the state of this world would be of much concern to him. As for poverty probably the best thing the Pope could do is to advise his congregation to stop depending upon a fantasy to solve their problems and promote self-reliance.

The best idea from brainstorming session was to suggest the Pope launch a brand of condoms called “Benedict”; or perhaps that should be “Benedick”!

Unnatural law

The Pope has attacked UK equality legislation as running contrary to “natural law” and restricting religious freedom. The Pontiff said the effects of some legislation designed to give equality of opportunity had been to impose “unjust limitations” on the freedom of religious communities to act “in accordance with their beliefs”.

Putting UK equality law remarks aside, the Pope has again coined one of the classic oxymorons – “religious freedom”. There is no religious freedom – believers must do as God says (conveniently interpreted for them by church elders who know better) or go to Hell for eternity.

The “natural law”, to which he appeals, is nothing but the ramblings and intellectual contortions of a thirteenth century charlatan, which bear no relation to modern knowledge or reason. It is derived from the false premise, “God exists”.

The claim that “unjust limitations” are being imposed on the freedom of religious communities is sheer bigotry in the face of how the Vatican treats women and homosexuals, for instance.

The Pope’s remarks were made in an address in which he gave the first official confirmation that he will make his first visit to Britain later this year, probably in September. Protests by several organizations and groups are already being planned.