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As the fight against religious dogma and indoctrination gains momentum, it has never been more important for atheists to show a united front. We already have the most powerful, rational arguments against religious faith and belief, but together, we can be even stronger to counter the unearned, undeserved power and privileges held by religious organizations. So join us now!

Atheism UK has two levels of membership – ‘Supporter’ and ‘Full Member’.


As a Supporter of Atheism UK you can register for free to help us in our campaign work and add your voice to the growing atheist community. Clicking the link below will take you to a short information page and then registration is simply a matter of entering a user name of your choice and a valid e-mail address.

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Full Member

As a Full Member of Atheism UK you will be helping provide much-needed funding for our campaign work.  Full membership of Atheism UK is £24 per year. We also offer concessionary membership at £12 per year.

Clicking the link below will take you to our membership information page, which outlines some of the additional benefits for full members and the criteria for applying.

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