The Irrelevant Lord Carey – At It Again!

Former ABofC Lord Carey is banging on again about the upcoming legalisation of Marriage Equality.

He is stating that the law that would legalise same sex marriage would “set a dangerous precident” and would have “uninteded consequences”.

He states it could lead to polygamy. Two points here, 1. No it won’t! In fact the recent attempt to legalise Humanist Marriage by amending this Bill was dropped (in minor part) becuase it was not about Gay Marriage. All this will do is legalise same sex marriage it will not lead to anything else. 2. Who cares? Moreover who cares what consenting adults do so long as there is true informed consent?

He is also complaining that this redefines marriage. OK so what’s wrong with that? The human race (and even followers of Christianity) has been redefining marriage since it came up with the idea – just ask any anthropologist!

Carey has run out of legitimate reasons for opposing Marriage Equality, if in fact were there any legitimate arguments against it in the first place; I have yet to hear one! This is yet another case of an irrelevant out of touch religious figure with bigoted anti-gay views (yes I WILL call them bigoted) resorting to untrue and logically fallacious arguments. Let’s get on with it and pass this legslation already!


Lord Carey Bleats…

So apparently former ABofC Lord Carey has criticised PM David Cameron for “marginalising Christians” and promoting “aggressive secularism” despite Cameron’s insistence of the UK being a “Christain country” and talking up “Christianity’s profound contribution” to the nation (and the fac he has just appointed an evangelical Christian as his Parliamentary Advisor).

Now I was going to make comment about the fact that secualrism is actually a good and necessary thing to protect those who are not Christian, but it seems Carey has no concern for them, but I won’t. Nor am I going to comment that Carey’s bleating complaints sound like someone desperately trying to retain his religions undeserved, unnecessary and unfair priviledge (because let’s face it Christianity is not true!). I’m also not going to bang on about his misrepresenation of the ComRes poll stating that apparently two thirds of Christians in the country feel “persecuted”. Nor his continued obsesssion with homosexuality and his opposition to giving LGBT the right to legally marry.

I was going to question what Carey even meant by secularism being aggressive, maybe it’s that it is beinf successful. Iwas until I saw this wonderful rebuttal by Dean Burnett in the Guardian. Enjoy!