Atheism’s sole object is the advancement of atheism. Our ultimate goal is the end of faith – the false and irrational belief that God exists – and of religion, the social manifestation of faith. The world would be a better place without them. We aim to achieve this by opposing the propagation of faith.

The most substantial propagation of faith is from parent to child. Whilst this cannot be interfered with directly in a free society, it can be modified by education of both parent and child.

Atheism UK will campaign for the abolition of Faith Schools on the grounds that they are founded on a falsehood, God exists. Our late Vice President Richard Green said:

“ the argument [about faith schools] is not so much about their pros and cons; that is to say whether they are more academically successful, or have a better ethos, or better promote community cohesion than other schools. The argument is simply their existence is based on a false premise – and that false premise is – God exists. If they are better in some respects that is not due to God, for there is no God.  It is due to other factors which can equally exist in non-faith schools”


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