Let’s Pull The Plug

Story from the Telegraph

A new report by the Church of England states that it is in danger of being “wiped out” and that the Church is currently “on life support”. This is good news and I have to ask, is there anything we can do to help pull the plug?

However a few comments on some items in the report:

The Church needs to recruit more believers: it seems (and this is admittedly anecdotal) the best way to recruit is indocrination at an early age as relatively few adults convert. We must keep vigilant about this and continue our campaigns on RE and faith schools.

“This decline in membership, and the accompanying rise in average age, means that fewer people are becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, and that the Church is able to have less impact and influence in the public realm, both nationally and in the transformation of local communities”

Maybe this is because people are waking up and realising it’s fiction!

“…do we dare to believe a different future, that God might want his Church to grow, in holiness and in numbers?”

..or maybe you should realise that your imaginary friend in the sky doesn’t exist, get on with your lives, and build communities based on rationality!

The General Synod will also hear a call for an emergency debate on homosexuality. Church officials will be accused of “woeful” failure to protect the institution of marriage from erosion by the rise of civil partnerships and Coalition plans to allow same-sex couples to register their partnerships in religious settings.

..in other words the CofE has not been effective at being homphobic bigots. Although bearing in mind wider society is much more accepting of homosexuality and gay marriage, if they want to improve numbers why don’t they drop the bigotry and accept homosexualty and gay marriage fully?

Baptists Preach Hate at Gay Pride Parade

At this weekend’s annual Gay Pride March through central London a group of Baptist preachers set up a small anti-gay demonstration along the route and selectively read out anti-gay passages of the Bible to demean those taking part in the parade.

Let’s be clear. These passages in the Bible are quite clear. The book does, explicitly, condemn homosexuality (at least male homosexuality). Let me repeat, these passages are explicit, they cannot be “liberally interpreted.” Some of the biblical passages might have been quoted out of context, but others weren’t!

As the Bible is a massive work of fiction and the god descibed within its horrific pages does not exist, we can call these bigots out for what they are – homophobic bigots.