Regrettably, Atheism UK does not have the resources to provide individually personalised assistance for refugee or asylum seekers.

The UK Government has information about claiming asylum to stay in the UK as a refugee; the help you can get from charities, getting a solicitor or lawyer to represent you;  and finding a registered immigration advisor. 

Atheism UK is affiliated to Atheist Alliance International (AAI) – their Asylum Project is running.

Ana Gonzalez is a UK asylum lawyer.

Listed below are organisations that may assist:-

Seeking Asylum / Refugee status / Detention Centres has info on the asylum process.

Center for Inquiry Secular Rescue provides emergency assistance to those who face threats due to their beliefs or expressions regarding religion.

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Atheist Asylum Project (AAI – Atheism UK affiliates to AAI)

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain & UK Apostasy & Asylum & Forum & Apostasy is a right (CEMB)

Organisations helping Refugees: Refugee Action (Refugee Action)

Citizens Adviceimmigration and asylum policy publications (Citizens Advice)

Refugee Council – Advice for people recently granted refugee status – seeking Asylum? (Refugee Council)

Refugee & Asylum Seekers | Escaping Clutches of Religion (

European Database of Asylum Law (EDAL)

Government Support for Religion (Atheist Alliance International)

Recovering From Religion (RFR London)

Asylum Lawyer – Ana Gonzalez (Wilson Solicitors LLP) (

Dawning Enlightenment (leaving religion blog)

AsylumHelpUK – advice for asylum seekers

Definitions / facts (refugee welcome trust)

Amnesty International – Refugees & Migrants (Amnesty)

UN Refugee Agency | Convention of Status of Refugees 1951 |Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief | Declaration of Human Rights (UNHCR)

African Commission on Human & Peoples Rights (ACHPR)

Asylum in UK – from within UK

Ana Gonzalez is a UK asylum lawyer known to Atheism UK.

Legal advice & Claiming Asylum: Law Society – Help | Asylum Aid | | OISC | JCWI | IFA | Immigration Lawyers | Migration Lawyers

Detention Action: Practical support for people in immigration detention centres (Harmondsworth / Colnbrook / Verne); campaigns for detention reform

Detention Action: Legal action against Detained Fast Track (DFT) Asylum – 2nd July 2015 DFT suspended

Detention Action: What DFT suspension means on the ground & Podcast (13th July 2015)

Making an Asylum Application in UK – Letter of Support (CEMB)

Right to Remain – advice about the right to remain in UK

Asylum in UK – from outside UK

Claim Asylum in the UK  & Info leaflet for asylum applications (

Asylum in USA

Asylum in USA / Canada – Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Atheist Asylum Project

Human Rights First

Freedom of Thought & Expression

Freedom of Thought & Expression, Oxford,  2014 & Report (IHEU)

New Humanist

Atheism UK Freedom of Thought page (Atheism UK)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1951 (


Afghan Atheist gets Asylum | BBC | New Humanist (successful UK asylum case)


Free Press Unlimited – people are entitled to have access to unbiased, reliable and timely information (supported Iranian atheist).


Atheists, Agnostics Alliance Pakistan & Facebook Group (AAAP)

European Database of Asylum Law & Pakistan Cases (EDAL)

Amnesty International – Pakistan (Amnesty)