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The Crucifixion of Paula Vennells

by Steven Carrigan

Apologies to all for the lack of posts. I have become mildly obsessed with the horizon inquiry.

Infamous christian hypocrite, Paula Vennells, may have thought she was smart. That is until she met Jason Beer KC. Mr Beer usually sets his victims up slowly, but this time he went for the jugular in the first hour. You have to watch it. Go to You Tube.

If I was not retired I would call in sick to watch day 2.

I admit to feeling guilty. It is a bit like heavenly bliss being chiefly about salivating over the tortures of the damned. But, remember, she sent hundreds to the stake.

Mr Beer is turning the spit slowly (agonizingly for Mrs Vennells) but she seems to deserve every hypocritical tear she has shed. I hope Ed Henry gets a go. There is no messing with him. His first line is usually “you are a liar aren’t you?” and then he really gets going.



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