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Anthony Grayling discusses an Atheistic Worldview with John Richards

John Richards (AAI & Atheism UK Council Member) says: “AC Grayling is such a nice fellow. See him straighten me out on matters like truth and many other concepts like ‘proof’, ‘argument’ and ‘evidence’” Source: Patheos

Lawrence Krauss

Atheism UK Presents Lawrence Krauss: Black Holes – Nothing from Something

More Info / Tickets: £10 from Eventbrite. Where: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL When: Friday 23rd October 2020 at 7.30 pm (postponed from Monday 6th April).

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Outgrowing God by Richard Dawkins – review by Norman Bacrac at Atheism UK

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Shock Research: Most UK Atheists Believe in the Supernatural!

Belief in the supernatural is still alive and kicking, even among UK atheists who don’t believe in a god.  A Research report (ref. 1) has revealed that only a third of UK atheists claim to completely reject supernatural beliefs such as life after death, astrology, and the existence of a universal life-force.

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The Dangers of Being a Devout Atheist by an asylum lawyer

As a lawyer I strive to … make full use of my legal toolkit to persuade the decision-maker that atheist asylum applicants are not making up their claims to stay here and work, be given a council flat and benefits, that these applicants would be at risk of imprisonment, death or both if they are […]

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The Danger of Religion: “faith-based thinking is inherently dangerous” says Atheism UK member

The Danger of Religion: Faith-based thinking is inherently dangerous, such as in thinking “everything happens for a reason”, says Alcuin (Rad Doherty) in our forum. Rad is an Atheism UK fully paid up member and forum moderator. He is also our most prolific forum contributor (with over 800 posts). Rad’s aim is to “undermine superstition in the […]


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Great atheism quotes at ‘A Tippling Philosopher’ by Bert Bigelow.

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Secular Therapy Project

Atheism UK  would like to raise awareness of the ‘Secular Therapy Project‘, which was created, to connect non-believers who need mental health care with professionals who are either non-believers themselves or are committed to providing secular, evidence-based care. It was created to do it as confidentially as possible.

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Childhood indoctrination / socialisation of pre-school toddlers creates up to two-thirds of British Christians says survey

A Church of England survey this week reveals the staggering extent of  childhood indoctrination / socialisation* in Britain. The survey shows that nearly two-thirds of all British Christians become Christian when they were still toddlers at 0-4 years old. (1,2) Seventeen out of twenty Christians become Christian when children or teenagers, only one in twenty when adults. * […]

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The non-religious show slow steady growth in the UK

Headlines of the British Social Attitudes Survey (BSAS) for 2016 were released this week showing the growth of non-religious. (1) The media has covered them widely. Those responding ‘no-religion’ to the question on religious affiliation were 52.8% of the interviewees (weighting corrected). This is the highest figure reported by the BSAS since it started in […]