Mike Pence and the Evangelical Vote

The Road to a Christian Iran

By Willem Sander van Boxtel

Mike Pence & Donald Trump

In the early hours of November 10th 2016, many of us atheists woke up to the dawn of at least another four years of religious rule in the world’s most major powerhouse. But for secular non-believers, Donald Trump is not the real danger. The real threat to the atheist democracy as intended by the American founding fathers, and as enshrined in the US Constitution, comes from the well-known evangelical heavyweight now known as Vice President-elect Mike Pence.


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Atheism UK speaks on ‘Voice of Islam’ radio

‘Voice of Islam’ radio

Chris Street speaks on ‘Voice of Islam’ radio about ‘The Meaning of Life’.

Sometimes Atheism UK Council Members get requests to speak on radio and in University debates (I’ve spoken twice at the Cambridge Union and will probably speak at Bath University this November). We also speak to schools about atheism  – we will be speaking to an independent school in central London in September. This time we’ve been invited to talk to Voice of Islam radio about the ‘Meaning of Life’.


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Letter to God

Most Atheism UK members are pretty much convinced that God doesn’t exist, but if (s)he did exist, this is what Steve Hammond would like to ask her/him:

Letter to God
Dear God – not sure if you will get this or not
But here is the reason that I write
I am slightly puzzled by a few discrepancies
Cos I hear you’re omnipotent right?


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