Cardinal Just Doesn’t Get It!

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic has called for the Scottish Government to hold a referendum on the legalisation of Gay Marriage (or as I call it, on Marriage Equality).

His reasoning (such as it is) is that more people responded to the consultation on Marriage Equality than did on Scottish Independence and there is going to be a referendum on that!

But he is comparing apples with oranges here. Scottish Independence is a political issue which affects everyone and has major constitutional, domestic and international implications. Putting this to a public vote in a referendum is a resonable approach regardless of which side of the issue you fall. Marriage Equality is about fundamental human rights which actually should be automatic and not subject to a popular vote. The fact that public opinion, and the opinion of the polititians is very much in favour of this North of the Border and the RC Church’s bigoted homophobia in wanting to deny people these rights is being rejected just goes to show that the poor old cardinal just doesn’t get it!

One Reply to “Cardinal Just Doesn’t Get It!”

  1. Would Mr O’Brien be happy if there was a referendum on continuing to allow people to follow the roman catholic religion? A bit of a silly example perhaps but it does show that having referenda on matters such as this is foolish. As zippy says, this is about human rights, people have the right to follow whatever religion they foolishly choose and they should also have the right to get married if that is their wish.

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