Baptists Preach Hate at Gay Pride Parade

At this weekend’s annual Gay Pride March through central London a group of Baptist preachers set up a small anti-gay demonstration along the route and selectively read out anti-gay passages of the Bible to demean those taking part in the parade.

Let’s be clear. These passages in the Bible are quite clear. The book does, explicitly, condemn homosexuality (at least male homosexuality). Let me repeat, these passages are explicit, they cannot be “liberally interpreted.” Some of the biblical passages might have been quoted out of context, but others weren’t!

As the Bible is a massive work of fiction and the god descibed within its horrific pages does not exist, we can call these bigots out for what they are – homophobic bigots.


Gay Clergy Would Blow the Church of Scotland Apart!

According to one self righteous homophobe…sorry preist, allowing gay clergy to be ordained into the Chruch of Scotland would blow the church apart like a hand grenade (…no not the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch..three shall thou count!).

I am actually torn on this, I believe passionately in equality, so should gays be ordained. Then again I don’t want any clergy to exist gay or straight!

Would gay clergy blow the church apart? Let’s do it and find out….

…and if it does, good!

Catholic Care Cannot Disciminate Against Gay Couples

Adoption charity Catholic Care has lost its latest appeal to continue to be bigots…sorry, it has lost its latest appeal to discriminate and treat gay couples as second class citizens and unfit people on the basis that an impossible, unproven, invisible, intolerant sky fairy said so….

No, let me start again!

Adoption charity Catholic Care has lost its latest appeal to be exempt from quality laws that allow gay couples to use adoption services. Full story from the BBC

Another victory against old fashioned and out of date, bigoted views based on a faith position, which no longer serves a civilised society.