Atheism UK to talk to Voice of Islam Radio – again.

Atheism UK speaks to Voice of Islam radio about Human v Religious Rights.

Chris Street, President of Atheism UK spoke to Voice of Islam radio in August. Today we received another request to talk to them tomorrow (Thursday 17th November) between 4 – 5pm. This time the topic is ‘Human v Religious Rights’.  As members & supporters of Atheism UK, we would like to get your views. Please comment below (or send an email) with your response to their questions – we might just quote you!

“Hi Atheism UK
I am contacting you on behalf of ‘Voice of Islam’ a brand new station that airs on DAB and web stream (

I represent the Drive Time show, which airs daily 4pm-6pm UK time. During the show we like to discuss current affairs and various other topics. We try to get as many opinions aired on the show as possible- we like to hear all sides of the story. We will be looking at the rights of people vs rights of religion on Thursday 17 November 2016 between 4pm to 5pm GMT

I was reading your website and would love to hear your views regarding the changing faces of religion in the UK. These are the questions I would like to pose:

1. Tell us a little bit about why you choose not to believe in a God?
2. Why do you think numbers of atheists are rising
3. Don’t you think it is important that we hold onto British values, which include the fact that this is a Christian country?
4. In your opinion can one believe in science and reason as well as God? Why not?

On our show, we want to assess just how compatible religion is with society nowadays. We are a show that likes to present both sides of the argument, it would be great to hear from you. We don’t engage in debate, but like to discuss different angles and opinions. I really hope we can get you on board for this show. The interview is live over the phone and will take 5-10 minutes.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards
Faiza Mirza
Voice of Islam – Drive Time Show
DriveTime Show – Voice of Islam”

5 Replies to “Atheism UK to talk to Voice of Islam Radio – again.”

  1. 1. I don’t feel that I ‘decided’ to ‘not’ believe in a God. I believe that it’s the remit of a religious person to ‘decide’ TO believe in a God despite the total lack of evidence.

    2. The more we discover about the world and the universe the less religious text becomes relevant (if you ever believed it was so in the first place) in explaining things to us. More and more people are realising that they can no longer suspend their disbelief when it comes to religion. Religion is so clearly ‘man made’ that it is difficult to see how believers can still hold their heads up and claim to know ‘the truth.’

    3. I don’t need religion, Christianity or otherwise, to have morals, values and a respect for others. British values can stand on their own despite any religious input – and input which often warps basic values by telling you who you should NOT accept as part of society.

    4. No religion is based on real evidence. Once you accept science and reason it must override the opinion of anyone who bases their ‘evidence’ on the writings of possibly historical (possibly no more real that Robin Hood) illiterate, desert dwelling nomads.

    Pete BG

    1. 1. I have seen no convincing evidence that any gods exist.

      2. As more and more is explained by science, there is less and less need for people to invoke “God” for things they don’t understand.

      3. As a Brit. I am well aware that a large part of my heritage is connected to Christianity, and am grateful for all the magnificent buildings, music, and works of art etc that were religiously inspired. However, the church should not be able to influence the way non-religious people live their lives, and at the moment they have a little too much influence.

      4. Some people with a scientific background claim that they believe in God, so I guess it’s possible, but I don’t understand how they can justify that belief, except perhaps for a Deistic God.

  2. ! I used to be Muslim but now i don’t believe in any religion . I was having some doubts about Islam and why although they think Islam is the perfect religion but i had found something i don’t now how to call … if you look at human history you will release that that human have been fighting because of religious i can’t imagine that God wanted that and how can he judge his people i mean if Islam is true religion than how can he judge other people living in some countries they didn’t know anything about Islam or the same for other religious … in Islam they think that they have to invade the whole world and spread Islam as they were told and this will lead to kill a lot of people and this one a the biggest reason i have left islam and become atheist … i live now in a muslin country and with people that they can’t not accept your choice so i am hiding this from my family and my friends cause i don’t want to lose them . Thank you all the best .

  3. 1. Atheism is no more a choice than not believing in fairies is a choice. I disbelieve in fairies, God and the Loch Ness monster for the same reason – lack of evidence.

    2. For several centuries England has been home to a fairly benign kind of religion. By benign I mean that it didn’t take itself too seriously and therefore avoided providing reasons for atrocities. Of course it wasn’t true – but that has never been the key issue for most adherents. The growth of science threw doubt on its basics and evolution undermined the last coherent argument for God.

    In recent decades religion – Christianity and Islam at least – has split into extremist sects on one side and a weakened tradition on the other. The latter excites no enthusiasm – the former far too much. Both are repellent to educated people. (Which is why the name Boko Haram captures a real truth.)

    And celebrity atheists legitimize disbelief.

    3. At best British values of tolerance etc., are worthy. But prejudice against blacks, jews, gays and other minorities has a long history here too. And there’s our continued militarism. And our ridiculous respect for ridiculous tradition – like the Queen – which is far from admirable. We should take the best from our history, critically, and let go of bigotry and folly. Religion can hardly survive critical review.

    4. People do but this is a transitional stage. Sometimes the transition takes more than one generation.

  4. 2. Why do you think numbers of atheists are rising?
    I think that the numbers of atheists will continue to rise, slowly but steadily. The people of today now live in a much more connected world – more than any period in history they have the resources at their fingertips to connect to like minded outside their geographical community. When they have questions or doubts about their religion, they seek answers from a much wider global connected community, rather than bringing their doubts/questions to those that indoctrinated them in the first place (parents, local religious leaders).

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