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  1. Dear all

    Some advice please:

    My daughter (9 yrs old) attends a C of E “controlled” school (sadly, best in the area, by some distance). There have been various issues in the past that I have complained about (tickets for school plays ALWAYS donated to church, without any consultation), but have learnt to live with it. Today, they moved to a new level.

    1) A local ‘pastor’ came to deliver the school assembly, and gave a demonstration in which he had two paper cups, one of which he soaked in holy water, one dry, then proceeded to set fire to the dry one, stating that this is what happenes to those that don’t believe in God (stated they will burn in hell). I called the school immediately upon hearing, and the administrator informed me that “you had to see the assembly in context..” and that “many of the children found it to be very funny (!?)”.
    2) Child (not mine) was punished for not praying in assembly.
    3) Priests from a local evangelical church attended to perform mock ‘baptisms’ for the children during an assembly

    Please could you advise as to what steps I can take to try to deal with this? Are there options for reporting this? I have read up, and I understand that while schools are free to discuss and pray in assemblies, they are not free to prosthelytise, or be evangelical (irrespective of their status).

    Thanks very much!


    1. Yes, but you need to make a path of evidence. First of all i would write to the school expressing displeasure that this methodology is practiced, regardless of the schools faith denomination, such things are dismissive of any other or no faith.
      Even the pope has spoken against such things, recall the Mohammed cartoons that caused murderous Islamic radicals to attack people?
      The Pope rather than denounce radical Islam spoke against offending faith.

      Perhaps research that a bit, there were numerous religious leaders who did this, and other examples than this.

      Second and simultaneously, contact school governors. And request details of fund raising by the school and where it goes and request a detail of any state funds and spending. Point out the displeasure that there is no choice of where funding goes.

      If you have no suitable response, contact ofsted and your local MP. I am not an expert but will happily dedicate time to looking into the issue for you if you require extra help if they maintain or worsen this approach.

    2. Hi there Matt (mop101). Although I am an avowed Atheist my children were educated through the C of E system (they are now all in their thirties), however, I took the view that school is only a part of the education process and that education at home also forms a part of those critical years. I was brought up in Irish Roman Catholicism, which is the worst kind, and the family unit formed (and still forms) part of the indoctrination process prior to the in-school REAL brainwashing (in my time by means of the Roman Catholic Penny Catechism coupled with the cane), however, I rejected God(s) aged 10 and refused to go into Catholic secondary education. My children were encouraged at home to be sceptical and look for sound evidence before believing anything at all (from my own childhood experience in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s). I ‘enlightened’ them as to the contradictions and nonsense of the Bible – talking snakes, talking burning bushes, talking donkeys, and this so-called all-powerful God cannot defeat the inhabitants of the valley for they had iron chariots (Book of Judges 1:19) etc, and also as to how this so-called Divine God was a proponent of mass murder of anyone who did not believe, was a proponent of slavery, a proponent of seizing women as ‘victors spoils’ etc. May I suggest that you go through a Bible with your daughter and educate her as to the nonsense in the book which these nutters profess to be the Word of God and in so doing, put her in a position of being able to level ridicule at these fools irrespective of their age. There are books available such as The Unholy In Scripture – The Dark Side of the Bible, which are useful tools to ‘cherry-pick’ the evil within the Bible (if you elect not to guide your daughter through this piece of literary rubbish) as opposed to the Apologists who negelct to enlighten anyone of the fact that it is a Book of pure evil. As a matter of interest only one of my children would now profess to be Christian but she is the less intelligent of the three (which in itself tells me something), the other two I would describe as Atheist, but not Anti-Theist.

      I still have my own very first Bible from the 1960’s but having set out to go through it and yellow hi-lite all of the absolute bullshit, found that, at the end of my task, the whole book was fluorescent yellow.

  2. You’re email link appears not to work. Setting up a DD led to a page “That can’t be found”!!?? Tried again – same outcome. Now I have discovered that TWO Direct Debits have been set up! Please sort this mess out.

    1. Graham, Our treasurer advised you yesterday by email:
      “Hi Graham,

      I have cancelled the 2 GoCardless Direct Debits. see attached screenshot of the cancelled Direct Debits.

      Money has not been taken and will not be taken from your account

      In case you want to try to buy 1 tickets again the link is here:

      Otherwise you should be able to buy the ticket on the door

      Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience
      Ferran Nogueroles
      AUK Treasurer and Membership Secretary

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