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  1. Dear all

    Some advice please:

    My daughter (9 yrs old) attends a C of E “controlled” school (sadly, best in the area, by some distance). There have been various issues in the past that I have complained about (tickets for school plays ALWAYS donated to church, without any consultation), but have learnt to live with it. Today, they moved to a new level.

    1) A local ‘pastor’ came to deliver the school assembly, and gave a demonstration in which he had two paper cups, one of which he soaked in holy water, one dry, then proceeded to set fire to the dry one, stating that this is what happenes to those that don’t believe in God (stated they will burn in hell). I called the school immediately upon hearing, and the administrator informed me that “you had to see the assembly in context..” and that “many of the children found it to be very funny (!?)”.
    2) Child (not mine) was punished for not praying in assembly.
    3) Priests from a local evangelical church attended to perform mock ‘baptisms’ for the children during an assembly

    Please could you advise as to what steps I can take to try to deal with this? Are there options for reporting this? I have read up, and I understand that while schools are free to discuss and pray in assemblies, they are not free to prosthelytise, or be evangelical (irrespective of their status).

    Thanks very much!


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