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Book Review: Adam The Ape

‘Adam The Ape’ written by Wolfgang Wambach

Described by the author as a book that is a combination of a novel with scientific epilogues. This book is aimed at young readers (8 to 12 year olds) to introduce them to the subject of evolution. See the cover photo below and read on the the rest of the review.

Adam the Ape cover

‘Adam The Ape’ is mainly a short adventure novel told over about 90 pages, interspersed with well-drawn illustrations. The story centres on Kenny, a mute schoolboy, who is also a champion online games player, and Adam, a caged circus chimpanzee. What they both have in common is the ability to use sign language to communicate. After they both happen to meet, and Adam escapes, the two set off on an epic adventure of pursuit and discovery. No more spoilers for the plot in this review.

This is a well-written book, split into numerous short chapters that are all clearly titled throughout. It is helpful that the chapter titles and page numbers are included in the initial contents page. This layout may be helpful for younger readers who can track their progress per completed chapter. The majority of the chapters are only three, four or five pages, some slightly longer, making it easier to remember where you left off.

Below is an example of the several illustrations throughout the book. Read on for the final part of this review.

Adam The Ape-illustration example

Following the conclusion of the main novel, there is a short section entitled ‘Epilogues’. This contains the scientific part describing facts about great apes and evolution, illustrated with photographs rather than drawings. All the photographs in this section are accompanied by informative descriptions.

The sections entitled, ‘About Great Apes’ and ‘About Evolution’ are concise, but fit a lot to consider into a short space. This should provide a good basis for exploring these topics more widely by interested younger readers.

The final page of this book has a short biography of the author, Wolfgang Wambach; he has an interesting background.

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