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Rock Singer Jon Steingard loses his faith

Unbelievable? hosted this discussion… Atheism UK Council member John Richards also interviewed Jon Steingard in September 2020…

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Childhood indoctrination / socialisation of pre-school toddlers creates up to two-thirds of British Christians says survey

A Church of England survey this week reveals the staggering extent of  childhood indoctrination / socialisation* in Britain. The survey shows that nearly two-thirds of all British Christians become Christian when they were still toddlers at 0-4 years old. (1,2) Seventeen out of twenty Christians become Christian when children or teenagers, only one in twenty when adults. * […]

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David Silverman’s talk to Atheism UK – Fighting God: Using Firebrand Atheism to Kill Religion Dead

David Silverman’s talk was organised by the Council of Atheism UK.  David is President of American Atheists and the recipient of the 2017 Richard Dawkins Award. He talked about his book ‘Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World’. The talk was held at ConwayHall to a packed (78 attendees, plus we had to […]

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Lords debate the role of religion and belief in British public life

A 150 minute debate about the role of religion and belief in British public life is reviewed by Chris Street (President, Atheism UK, since June 2014).  The House of Lords debate on Thursday 27th November 2014 was initiated by Lord Harries, a former Bishop of Oxford.

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Mythological books

Atheism UK Principles state that God or gods do not exist (concepts of gods are myths created by humans) and religious texts are flawed and as fallible as the humans who wrote them. Shell Fisher agrees:- Join the Forum discussion on this post