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Human versus Religious Ethics

by Bob Hall

Chewing on a Ball of Tinfoil

Cultists have historically used the concept of ‘morality’ as a type of ‘ejection seat’ tactic when they can’t intellectually defend their beliefs. Back them into a corner (which is like taking candy from a baby), and they hit the ‘DEFAULT TO MORALITY’ button. It’s painful to have to listen to theocrats and religious ‘Scholars’ attempt to market their politics with claims that civilization has battled the evil nature of man and is held together by the skin of its teeth by biblical moral codes, and that atheists have no moral compass Blah – Blah – Blah. I don’t even debate or listen to debates on this anymore because it’s like arguing with a youngster about who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman. Rather than listen to these people trying to put thoughts in our heads and words in our mouths, I’d rather chew on a ball of tinfoil! However, there is an avenue to confront this issue from an atheistic perspective.

An Overlooked Commandment?


Apart from the dictionary definition, the term ‘moral’ is associated with ‘gods’ law’ – and is used specifically and colloquially in the tenants of cultism as the extension/interpretation of the 10 commandments. As we all know, the 10 commandments are an absolute joke. I challenge any true atheist to sit down for 15 minutes and come up with 10 ‘Commands’ that will blow those off the map. I’ve done it many times for people who argued the point that they were given as a document for all mankind (Ya … whatever …). You can start with Commandment #1: “Thou shalt not perform any action to cause harm to the planet.” That one would have been a nice order to include! God must have overlooked that little requisite.

The Relativist Morals of Christians

Moral action, or to act morally does not automatically mean ‘legally’. It essentially means you are in compliance with social expectations – and in the religious sense, the wishes and demands of god. They trick people into arguing this point to continue the bloated and absurd assertion this carries with it the assumption that what god stands for is ‘good’. And this is where there is a split between them and us. To atheists … the issue is one of ‘Ethics’. Ethical behaviour and adhering to principles and practices that are ETHICAL have a far greater significance than that which is simply moral. For example … you can justify killing, taking another’s possessions, enslaving, and so on as being ‘moral’ if they’re done under certain circumstances by certain people. Moral conduct can be totally subjective. You can say “We killed and enslaved all the Native North Americans … but it was for their own good in the end because it brought them Christianity.” Totally within the parameters of Judaic morals, but unethical by any definition. Like everything to do with those insidious books, anything can be amended or interpreted however it best suits. Something can be OK one day and an offence punishable by death the next!

Non-Discriminatory Ethics

Ethics do not discriminate or cherry pick when and where they’ll kick in – or who they apply to. It’s just simple ‘right or wrong’. No ifs, ands or buts. Using ethics as your first condition and primary motive might not always be to your liking, but if it’s to the benefit of the planet and the human species, and acts to support the welfare of life on earth at large … then it’s the correct path to take. Moral behaviour and ethical responsibility are as different as night and day, and as atheists we should not let them capture this narrative – as they have done with many others. And if they want to claim that morals come from the bible – fine … let them have that and polish it up and put a nice big ribbon around it. But our rebuttal to their attempts to paint us all as immoral lost souls drifting on a rudderless ship should be laughed at – and it should be pointed out that Ethical human behaviour, and altruistic principles are the foundations of the world we strive to create. It’s incredible how bible dupes can twist words, weaponize concepts, etc. to keep the hoax going. The actions in Gaza right now show how they can remain within their moral rights and be totally unethical (and there are many more examples in history going back to their coup of the Egyptian Empire). That bible, especially volume 1 should have those toxic/poison symbols on the cover along with “WARNING: Wear protective head gear. Approach with extreme Caution.”

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