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Is God Pro-Life?

by Barry Ryder 

The National Pro-Life Alliance begins its mission statement with these words,

‘Because every human life is precious in the eyes of God, […]’

This assertion is laughably false.

All atheists will know of the appalling catalogue of killing that the Christian God amassed in the Old Testament alone.

He is claimed to have been personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and is further supposed to have ordered the deaths of many others in his name. God clearly does not regard every human life as precious, contrary to the claim of the ‘Alliance’.

The pro-life movement seeks to add gravitas and legitimacy to its anti-abortion crusade by invoking God. This is a big mistake and it shows how little many Christians know of their God or his ‘good book’.

There are many Biblical examples of threats, prophecies and prayers which require the deaths of ‘the little ones (Psalm 137: 9)’, ‘children (2 Kings 8 -12)’  ‘the firstborn (Exodus 11: 4-5) and ‘infant (1 Samuel 15: 3)’.

These children are all born and living, of course so, whilst this has nothing to do with abortion, it does show – beyond any doubt – that every life is not precious in the eyes of God.

However, one verse does deal with the killing of the unborn. In Hosea 13:16, God tells Hosea,

“Sa-ma’-ri-a shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.”

In that one sentence we see that the invisible friend of billions of human beings enjoins the killing of infants, pregnant women and unborn foetuses.

Pro-life? Definitely not.

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  1. Bob Hall

    Very astute observations Barry. We could add that the fable of Noah’s Ark, although told as a heroic tale of great courage … is in actuality a story about the mass genocide of the entire human race, animal, plant etc. except for the 8 people and animals and plants on the Ark! This highlights perfectly the manner in which this cult can brush-off the ending of others lives. As atheists we hold that all creatures have a right to live to their natural end and not have their existence taken from them. When you boil it down to the lowest denominator, the over-riding theme of the Bibles, volumes 1 and 2, is that the soul of man is evil and cannot reach its highest level of spirituality on its own. Along with this distorted concept is that the ‘mission’ /purpose/reason for our existence is strive to the goal of spiritual purity according to god’s word. And therein lies the trap! I.E. it is our ‘duty’, obligation, etc., and necessary for our very existence to follow the rules and behavior patterns of biblical teachings. The Christian bible teaches the human soul is evil and contaminated with sin from the moment of conception. This is very clear, and the Christian ritual of baptism to wash away our sins shows this. Why would it be necessary to baptize a little 2-month-old infant? What possible sin could he/she have committed? None … but it didn’t have to because it was born that way and needs to be washed with holy water to be accepted into the kingdom of god. This notion is repulsive and despicable, and I personally consider this, as well as other rituals like circumcision to be acts of child abuse. It’s the recurring theme of this theology/ideology to trample human intellect, intuition, instinct, and basic human value – particularity in the Jewish sect of Christianity. This belief is not upheld by jews who believe they are special/chosen and their souls are of a higher order etc. etc. It’s part of what forms their ‘Identity’ as a people as they describe it – and is the foundational cornerstone justifying their absence of human ethics and morals in Palestine. So, armed with the concept of an individual being worthless and meaningless – they can rationalize and condone the taking of a human life. The points you made about the anti-abortionist movement using god as it’s measuring stick is an indication of just how intrenched, and systemic judaic mythology is in our collective consciousness and governing institutions – and how humanity has been co-opted/duped to accept it as ‘matter of fact’.

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