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Paula Vennells: The Disgraced Post Office CEO: WANTED POSTER! Reward: Integrity

by Steven Carrigan (editor)

I do not usually comment on current news stories.

However, this story concerns an ordained priest who treated her fellow human beings with intolerable cruelty.

It is not enough that she has”voluntarily” handed back her silly gong.

I do not believe in witch hunts (perhaps because I do not believe in witches).

But her crimes are heinous. A police investigation is required into her complicity and knowledge.

No doubt, she will blame her advisers. Her defence!  She was the CEO and where does the buck stop?

In law, this is called a “cut-throat” defence. That is, you throw your conspirator or your co-conspirators under the bus whilst you stand safely at the bus stop.

If you can strike a deal with the prosecutors (and give them enough other people to prosecute) you may get off or, at least, be given a light sentence.

Especially, if you can hide under the magic cloak of priesthood.

Her co-conspirators should be hiding under their beds, where they belong.


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  1. magicsteven1

    She flaunts her religious faith and there is a video of her wearing a dog collar and preaching to post office staff about how her faith makes he a better CEO!

  2. John Dillon

    Steven, you have summarised the situation perfectly. Paula Vennells typifies the attitude of many CEOs – and sometimes presidents – towards their minions: They are just the unimportant people, the drudges who line my pockets, the drones who keep me in my office, so why shouldn’t the buck stop with them when things go wrong? Why should I, the Queen Bee, be held responsible? After all, I’m a pillar of the community. A holy person. Not like my inferiors who have little to lose because, after all, they’re not rich like me. I have far further to fall, don’t I? Don’t I…? To which the answer is: Hopefully, yes!

  3. Rich H

    I did not know she was an ordained priest…
    I do now!

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