Relaxation of Sunday Trading Laws Criticized by Christians

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne has announced that Britian’s Sunday Trading Laws which limits large stores from trading for more than six hours on a Sunday will be suspended during this Summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Surprise surprise, the church is going to oppose the move!

They claim that it would “erode the specialness of Sundays”. Well, I have news for them. Sunday is NOT special. It is a day, a 24 hour rotation of the Earth. For some of us it is one of the few days that we actually have a chance to go shopping. Those that want a “lie-in” can still do so, those that want to go to church can still do so, but don’t try to pretend that this particular day in seven is different. It is not.

Also, please stop using the argument from tradition, just because something is traditional doesn’t mean it’s right.

The government is also being accused of being anti-christian because of this legislation. Are they joking? This government’s overall record explodes this particular claim (just look at Eric Pickles’ response to the Bideford Prayers case!), but this criticism is the usual knee jerk reaction from the church when it’s undeserved privilege is challenged.

Personally, I for one welcome this relaxation, and look forward to the day when Sunday is, in practice, no different to any other. Not withstanding the need to protect those that may have to work on Sundays the criticism was all too predictable!

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