BBC TV “Sees Religion As Tiresome Obligation”

Religious coverage is seen as a “rather tiresome obligation” by “secular and sceptical” BBC television staff, a Radio 4 broadcaster has said.

However do not see this as a sign that the BBC intend to stop religious broadcasting or seek to alter its charter obligation to provided it.

Roger Bolton, a radio 4 presenter, has actually called on the BBC to appoint a religion editor to improve the quality of religious broadcasting.

Here at Atheism we can make a suggestion to “improve” the quality of religious broadcasting; stop it.

If staff find it tiresome, the fact it relates to broadcasting information that is not true (i.e. a particular god exists), and we are sure that the majority of license payers would prefer their money being spent on something useful, ending these shows would be a good way to start (especially in the current financial climate).

The full story can be found here on the BBC News site.