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The Kettell Project

by Steven Kettell

[ED: I encourage everyone to take Dr Kettell’s survey. It is quite fun and does not take more than ten minutes or so.]

My name is Dr Steven Kettell, and I am a Reader in the Department of
Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. I am
writing to see if you would be willing to help with a research project
that I am currently leading. The project examines the extent to which
non-religious worldviews are related to social capital – principally
focusing on issues of trust, well-being, and community engagement in
the UK. It is being conducted with Dr Siobhan McAndrew (University of
Sheffield) and Professor David Voas (University College, London). The
project is entirely independent, with no external sources of funding
(the website for the project is here [1]). The main component of the
research consists of an online survey that we are distributing to
non-religious groups and individuals. The survey is completely
anonymous and collects no personally identifiable information unless
participants wish to be considered for a follow-up interview. I would
be extremely grateful if you could distribute this survey to any
members and supporters of your organisation that you feel might be
interested. The direct link to the survey is:


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