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The Circular God

by Bob Hall

The Circular God

Most of the Atheists I come into contact with seem to be stuck in the circular arguments of religion. I.E. Does God exist? Is there historical evidence of contact between humans and deities other than those written about in religious publications? etc. etc. Religions have captured the hearts and minds of the MAJORITY of humankind, and tragic as that may be from the perspective of personal growth, there is a larger issue starring us in the face that is in greater need of discussion – and certainly one that has infinitely more serious ramifications. Getting drawn into the theological arguments of subjective belief diminishes the reality of the historical significance of those beliefs – and also occupies the space where real political discussion and change can occur.

The Measuring Stick?

“Atheism is the measuring stick for history”. The reason I say that is because as ‘non-believers’ it is only we who possess the capacity to perform a proper autopsy of historical events – and also current events. We have intellectually and emotionally removed ourselves from the trappings of faith-based reasoning that contaminate traditional forensic investigations of history. There has been a ‘missing link’ in virtually every scholastic investigation into history, and/or religions because religious/theological belief systems are examined as being separate from political ideology. The Atheist position is grounded in the knowledge that none of it happened – and to follow that thought to its natural conclusion … If religions weren’t created because ‘human nature’ is such that we have an instinctive need to discover our origins, then what purpose did they serve? We see that there is nothing pious in religious texts that would prove they have survived this long because they offer an answer to the question of the origins of life – so what’s the deal? By default, and the process of elimination it has to be something else! What’s the catch … why the millennium long sales pitch hoax?

The Chicken and the Egg

“As a matter of fact, we do have one question.”
It boils down to a ‘chicken and egg’ question of what came first. The evolution of religious institutions is a mirror image and runs parallel to the evolution of political and legal systems. This is not a coincidence – and can’t be overstated in the quest for the separation of church and state. There can be no separation because the church is the state! Political, legal. economic, and social order concepts have been mandated through religious doctrines, and as such have always promoted and supported one form or another of racism, hierarchical enslavement as well as physical slavery, degradation of humanity (particularly women), and so on. Spiritual tenants and doctrines have been a ‘Trojan Horse’ for political control from their inception. Religions are a political tool before anything else. THIS is the point that needs to be at the forefront of any discussion on political reform. Getting a fair and equitable system that is free from religion has to go much deeper than just demanding that our children not have to recite the lord’s prayer in school.

Watch What They Do, Do Not Listen to What They Say

“If you want to know what a person truly believes, don’t ask them … watch them!” When we look at history with this quote in mind (and indeed at current events and the current human predicament), we can see that despite what religious leaders and elders claim, religious institutions have in fact been behind the wheel all along. It’s not just ‘politics’ and politicians that have engineered our systems of governance into existence and used them to direct affairs that have us all painted into a corner. To call any war, uprising, or event ‘political’ is barely scratching the surface. Likewise, is the case for historical inaccuracy.

The Manipulation of History

As atheists we understand that religious books are not historical documents, but fabricated, exaggerated, over-blown, falsely recorded made up hogwash. Well … it just so happens and is no coincidence that the recording of history itself has been subjected to the very same deceptions and falsifications. Historical record manipulation, false flags, cover-ups, etc. are no different in essence in mainstream academia than in religious institutions. History has been manipulated and organized to substantiate and legitimize religious claims, and to cover up the crimes and human atrocities committed by religious political forces. This is central and paramount to the argument of faith based political ideology versus government COMPLETELY free of religion. It’s a question of reality, and an admittance that if people believe god is directing affairs, they’ll support or succumb to virtually any political initiative.
Here’s an interesting discussion you’ll enjoy.

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