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The President Anointed by God

by Steven Carrigan

The President Anointed by God is, of course, Donald Trump. What is more, some US citizens believe this just as much as they believe that Jesus Christ was a historical figure who performed miracles. But does Donald Trump believe it? The uncomfortable answer is almost certainly yes.

Some Questions About Donald Trump. Is Trump:

1. A Threat to the World?

2. Worse than Putin?

3  A Threat to Women?

4. A Threat to Democracy?

5. Deranged?

The President Anointed by God

Books to read:

1. The Assault on Truth.

2 .Fear.

3. Fire and Fury.

4. A Very Stable Genius.


Trump in 5 Words:

1. Narcissistic.

2. Deluded.

3. Racist.


5. Fraudulent.

He is also a megalomaniac but I ran out of categories. This list does, however, pose the question: Are most Americans very very stupid? They voted for him last time and they stormed the White House in an attempt to destroy their own democracy.

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  1. Bob Hall

    The Evangelical Christain alliance forms the largest single voting bloc in the country. Along with them, the Christian Identity demographic combined with other Christian sects complete the bulk of American voters. This is what powers American politics, and history shows clearly that ‘Americanism’ in one way or another, dominates the world narrative. This situation did not come about ‘by accident’, on its own, organically, or rightfully so to speak … this was the plan and design of the United States/New World from its inception. The very concept of the US was a plan set in motion hundreds of years before it was triggered and began essentially with the first mission of Christopher Columbus. His mandate was not to discover a safer route to the East. He didn’t just happen on the New World unexpectedly! The existence of North and South America was well known and mapped out by many peoples – the most notable of course were the Nordic Viking explorers. I won’t go any further on that issue because it’s getting off the topic.

    The formation of the United States was preceded by the Protestant Reformation. It was the puritan Protestant pilgrims (armed with the newly written KJB) that were the original settlers of the New World. There was a large Catholic influence as well, particularly in Quebec and parts of Ontario, but the US was settled predominantly by Protestants. Now this is where it gets political, and I need not remind any atheist that there is nothing pious about the biblical trilogy of the Old and New Testaments or the Quran. The institutions and practical applications of religious doctrines is, and always was a political ideology before and above anything else. So too is it with the Protestant uprising movement of the late 1400’s and early 1500’s. Note that the Spanish Inquisition began in full on Aug.2 1492, and Columbus set sail Aug. 3rd. There is much significance in the timing of those events, and central to this issue, as Columbus was a Marrano/Converso.

    As a political and social model, Protestantism advocated the rejection of the Pope and his connectivity to the divine, and therefore they challenged the authority of the office and its ‘Devine Right to Rule’. This is paramount in understanding the US system of democracy. I won’t go into any great details here, but essentially the US was set up from Day 1 to have its citizens dismiss Catholicism, and thereby reverting to Old Testament Judaic law, but also to reject the authority of the Monarchy. This put them in the position of having to develop a system of governance. The system that was implemented was nothing short of a Plutocracy.

    The US is not a ‘country’ in the legal and practical definition – it is a COMPANY (all caps). It’s been demonstrated over and over that the US legal system allows corporate interests to supersede those of its citizens. This goes back to its very early years with the series of events beginning with the American Revolution, closely followed by the French Revolution, then the Louisianna Purchase 1803, the War or 1812 to consolidate banks (actually one of the early attempts at forming a Central Banking system), and then the construction of the Erie Canal to service their western acquisitions from NY. New York has been the actual capital of the US from day 1, and virtually all world affairs I,E. wars etc. were rubber stamped and directed from Wall Street. That’s why the UN headquarters is in New York. The French Revolution was a MAJOR domino in the series of events that led to the US becoming the predominate political, and economic force in the world – being passed the baton from Britain in that regard.

    There is obviously much more to be said on these topics, but back to Trump. Is Trump a radical Christian whacko? Absolutely. But the US is not a government by the people, for the people etc. The Plutocracy known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was cemented into place long before Trump came along, and it’ll continue on the same trajectory after he’s gone. The systems of ‘democracy’ we live under are contaminated from top to bottom because A) They are all based on Judaic principles, B) Their elections are all privately funded, and C) Our countries are in debt to the very people who fund the elections! When you go into a bank for a loan, the first thing they ask for is collateral. The world has been co-opted, or otherwise tricked or forced into going into debt under a system that insures can NEVER be repaid. We can barely cover the banking transfer fees, much less the interest, and you’d have to have Superman’s X-ray vision and be looking through the Hubble Telescope to even see the principle. And so, we need to ask and identify … ” What collateral was put up to cover those Central Bank loans?” Take a look out the window and you’ll see it – or better yet … look in the mirror! Trump is part of the plan, just like all the other world leaders. They’ve been handed their scripts and have their roles to play. The system doesn’t move or change to fit them/us; THEY must conform to the system! One thing history shows us (if we choose to look at it) is that the mantra has long been “Change the plan … but never the goal.”

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