21 Times Unconvinced About God

J. H. McKenna said:

“there are 21 reasons why many smart people find God unconvincing:

God as an old white man in the sky is unconvincing

Depictions of God as a humanoid (this is called ‘anthropo-morphism’ = in human form) have been considered incredible since ancient times. Rendering God as a male humanoid is not credible to skeptics. Does this male God have genitals, a deep voice, facial hair? Also, it’s curious that God usually resembles whoever it is that’s depicting God—and that’s men! Men made God in their own image and likeness.

God as immaterial and yet with biological functions is unconvincing

It’s self-contradictory to say God is ‘immaterial’ and in the same breath say God sees, hears, speaks, and feels—all of which are functions of biological, material organisms. What does God ‘see’ with if not a material eye? ‘Hear’ with if not a material ear? ‘Speak’ with without a material mouth? These descriptions of God are self-contradictory and nonsensical.

God as all-knowing is unconvincing

Does God know terror, fear, pain, indigestion, menstruation, sexual attraction, sexual climax, pregnancy? Does God know the last number? No one is all knowing. Again, a nonsensical claim.”

God as all-good is unconvincing

God is all-good and yet made a world that is bloody red in tooth and claw? God is all good and made predators and prey? (A lion might love the arrangement, but the hapless gazelle and bunny rabbit do not.) God is all-good but made the talon and the fang? God is all good but made 50,000 pathogens that are trying to kill us and the animals? God is all good and made diseases? What about all the suffering of animals and humans? In human affairs, would we call a person ‘good’ who sits by as a six year old boy beats a two year old girl and her pet kitten to death? No, any good person would intervene. And yet God has allowed a near infinity of pain and suffering to exist. Either God is not all good (or not all powerful) or God does not exist: these are the only explanations for the high degree of animal and human suffering on earth. More likely, there’s no God.

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4 Replies to “21 Times Unconvinced About God”

  1. This reminds me of 2014 and an AtheismUK forum contributor…

    People cling to organised religion for many reasons but mainly because people think “what’s the harm?”

    God(s) are superstitions, just like witches and miracles and superstitions are often harmful. Certainly there’s harm when mixed with organised religion and there are many examples on sites like this from creationism to segregated schools, to religiously motivated child genital mutilation, (circumcision).

  2. Religion is fear induced superstition held in the paws of bullies then later evolved into shamanism – then in order to control humans into various politically guided religions. One only has to learn about thee sources of religion to see that it is all a total falsity. One does not have to have a degree in physics either to realise that the default state of outer space – before any material evolution was absolute nothingness – and I mean just that – it was a state wherein no intelligence could ever have evolved. Hence indoctrination is thee weapon of the unintelligent simply used to control the mindsets of the unknowing due to a lack of education. Atheism means just that – without religion. If you want another name for atheism call us Homo sapiens intelligensis.

  3. Interesting but I fear being “unconvinced” will not resound in the minds of those indoctrinated from childhood with superstition.

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