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Chrism Oil and the King

 by John Richards

The Chrism oil that’s used in coronations has been changed!

This should concern us.

Granted this product has a different purpose from the lubricant in your car, nevertheless, it’s important that it should fulfil its function safely and effectively.

What is it used for?

In a word: anointing.

This is such a transformational operation that it was deemed unsuitable for public viewing at the late Queen’s coronation, which was the first to be televised, back in 1953; She was shuffled off into a private sanctum.

During this process in the recent coronation, the oil was applied to the head, chest and hands of King Charles III under the cover of a large tent like gown; the mind boggles at the possible risk to the health of our monarch. Has it been tested for allergens? Has it had clinical approval? Think of the outcry over the fast tracking of COVID vaccines…

Traditionally, this product included civet oil and whale ambergris but, in a nod to animal rights, the composition has been changed. It is now vegan, comprising extracts squeezed from olives and sesame, rose, jasmine, cinnamon, neroli, benzoin and orange blossom.

This is such a major departure from the previous composition that we must be concerned whether it can be effective.

Isn’t it now like a ‘snake oil’?

Do we want our king to be anointed with a sham concoction? How might that affect his legitimacy to rule?

True, the main ingredient was gathered at the Mount of Olives and it has gone through consecration at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is built on the site where it is believed Jesus died and was buried, but can that spiritual ritual counteract the major change to the physical composition?

I wonder on whose authority this outrageously disrespectful modification of the recipe of such a sacred product was conducted… Did they ask you? What does God think about it?

I invited to bring their expertise to bear on this worrying development.

Here is my request to them, sent before the coronation: form info

We are concerned that the new recipe of the Chrism oil is so different from the previous version (no civet oil or ambergris, entirely vegan ingredients) that it may not effectively anoint King Charles III and enable him to perform his future duties as ruler of the nation satisfactorily.

We are not convinced that the process of consecration of the main ingredient, olives, sourced at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, is robust enough to counteract the major change in composition of the chrism oil.

Is this change authorised by Our Lord? Has he agreed to endorse the monarch with this new concoction?

Please check the facts.

Guess what?

I just got a standard ‘we have received your communication’ reply…

[You too can waste your money and anoint yourself – just search for ‘CHRISM OIL’ and surprise yourself by how much money you could spend. Ed.]


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